This is a win-win scenario

How many times have you felt totally screwed over on something you bought or sold?  Either you didn’t get enough for your last car sale or you feel like you paid way to much for that Valentine’s day dinner (but your love was worth it, right?)  😉  So why does it have to be like that?
Presenting: “Win-Win Logic” to the rescue!  Every time a client of mine wants to submit an offer to buy a house, I write up a quick cover letter.  The cover letter has just one idea to communicate: we are on the same page.  The first paragraph summarizes the offer being made, the second paragraph introduces the buyer and describes their scenario, and the third paragraph introduces me and my reputation.
Why do we take this extra step?  Buyers and sellers have the same goal: close on a house.  By submitting that cover letter, I’m kickstarting the win-win mentality.  The only thing to really work out between a buyer and seller is the price of the home.  After that’s been negotiated and agreed upon, we work together toward a happy closing for all.
A simple thought, I know, but the best ideas always are!

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Kevin Martelli

Kevin Martelli is a licensed and insured real estate agent serving the Nashville, Tennessee area. Kevin is a proud member of Greater Nashville Realtors. He is a Realtor and an Affiliate Broker at Pareto Realty, LLC.