The Process: From Contracts to Keys!

I’m an infographic kind of guy.  I could make a flow chart for doing laundry and I would honestly have fun (with the chart, not the actual laundry).  Explaining things visually helps me to understand how minutia fits into broader concepts, and I have fun creating those visuals so that others can understand the concept, too.
Enter the home buying flow chart: a simple chart of how two parties work together to achieve one common goal, selling a house.  We start with a buyer and a seller, each with their respective agents, and each of them responsible for achieving several steps along the way to the greater goal.
Home Buying Process | Pareto Realty | Nashville
I know what you’re thinking, “Woah, this is way too complex of a process.”  But you’re actually overthinking it already.  It’s not like YOU have to do all this.  Really, you and your agent work together as a team to handle some of the hurdles, and the other party works with their agent to cover the rest.  That’s why the first meeting with your real estate agent is so important; the first meeting sets up the end goal and lays out your responsibilities, your agent’s responsibilities, and helps clearly define expectations for the rest of the process.
I pride myself on the process, it makes for a smooth transition for the buyer and the seller.  And I pride myself on the flow chart.  The chart PROVES that we’re all on the same team, we all have a very similar end goal!
Credit: Flow chart layout adapted from real estate king Barry Owen.

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