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One of my favorite musicians once told his audience, “The role of any artist is to see the world and describe it.”
Not only did I quickly understand that he was referring to himself as a music artist, but art in general seemed to “click” for me at that point.  Places where I had no appreciation for concepts and the abstract began to have some sort of meaning.  Now I can ask with sincerity, “What is this person trying to say through his art?”
I also began to see some creativity in other “non-creative” professions.  Engineers, builders, even the spreadsheet monkeys had to get creative with table layouts and formulas.  Could it be true, in some capacity, that every profession carries a job requirement of “artist”?  and in some way everyone has to be creative in how they describe what they see?
In my role as a real estate agent, I love identifying the art in my work.  How do you take someone’s emotional desire for a home and add all their variables to the equation and come up with a specific house as THE answer to their need?  It requires more than just an algorithm or formula.  It is art.  There are feelings, excitement, pressure, stress, and, on closing day… RELIEF and joy.
As a Realtor, I’m quickly finding that I must balance castles with budgets, prioritize ethics, be human, explain the strategies, and lead people through a delicate process.  It’s an art form.  And my medium is one-to-one conversations with clients…  Home sellers…  Buyers…  The finance guys… every person I come into contact with NEEDS me to see my world and describe it!
Kevin Martelli is an Affiliate Broker and REALTOR at Pareto Realty in Nashville, Tennessee.  If you or someone you know is buying or selling a home, Kevin offers both one-to-one consultations and complimentary reports to help determine accurate real estate pricing.
Kevin Martelli
Affilate Broker, Realtor
Pareto Realty, LLC

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Kevin Martelli

Kevin Martelli is a licensed and insured real estate agent serving the Nashville, Tennessee area. Kevin is a proud member of Greater Nashville Realtors. He is a Realtor and an Affiliate Broker at Pareto Realty, LLC.

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