Objectively Speaking: When is the best time to move?

I’ve done it in the Winter, with numb fingers trying to tape a box closed.  I’ve done it in the summer, inching through traffic, with my damp clothes stuck to the hot vinyl seats of a moving truck with no A/C!  So by far, my favorite times of year also happen to be the best times to move: a temperate Spring or Autumn day takes a huge chunk of stress out of packing up your stuff and relocating to a new home.  Not only is it easier for you, but all those faithful friends whom you call to finally return the “moving duty” favor are more likely to show up on a crisp, clear morning.  Temperature complaints aside, the warm colors of Fall happen to cast a more welcoming light on potential homes as the shoppers visit for open houses and showings.  By September, the hustle of the spring market has slowed to a comfortable pace, and all those families looking to move before the new school year have likely been satisfied in a new home.  I’m convinced, then, Autumn is the best time to move… and it just so happens, according to the almanac, Fall starts on September 23rd!  Mark your house hunting calendars.  🙂

The Fall Season is the Best Time to Move

Autumn in Downtown Nashville

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Kevin Martelli

Kevin Martelli is a licensed and insured real estate agent serving the Nashville, Tennessee area. Kevin is a proud member of Greater Nashville Realtors. He is a Realtor and an Affiliate Broker at Pareto Realty, LLC.