Multiple Offer Overload

How to Categorize Multiple Offers on Your Home

As we close 2017, most neighborhoods in Nashville are still facing a serious shortage of houses for sale.  Even with the construction boom, new Nashvillians are moving to the area faster than we can build places for them to live.  Many of the homes available in East Nashville are new construction houses, and it is becoming increasingly rare to find that classic looking gem of a bungalow.

As such, when a beautiful home hits the market at the right price, it can trigger a flood of offers, each with an overwhelming amount of information.  The typical home offer can contain upwards of 25 pages of legally-worded documentation, and each offer is structured differently.

As if deciding on one offer wasn’t enough to completely overwhelm the seller, imagine the type of neck vein throbbing stress caused by seven offers!  To avoid a home owner meltdown and decipher the important details, all it takes a proven offer management method.

Here’s where those long lost spreadsheet skills come back into play.  We’ll construct a table to easily compare each offer, examine your bottom line for each scenario, and forecast the timeline for each potential buyer.  We’ll also compare the contingencies we would face with each contract, whether the buyer has another home to sell prior to closing, and consider an overview of every buyer’s financial situation.

Smart sellers consider more than just the offer price, and the highest offer may not be the best.  Having a proven method to control the madness will ensure you end up with less stress, and that you’ll be able to work with the right buyer who is the best match for your particular scenario.


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