Builder Naughty and Nice List

New construction by Turnberry Homes. Of course, Turnberry is on the Nice List.


As a part of today’s real estate industry in Nashville, I run into a LOT of new construction.  In fact, in the first quarter of 2017, Metrostudy recorded the highest number of new homes breaking ground in over eight years.  Demand for new construction remains strong.  As a result, many new builders have entered the market hoping to grab a piece of the pie.

How experienced are these new builders?  What’s their final product like?  As an obsessive list-maker, I maintain a running “Builder naughty and nice list” to help new construction buyers navigate these uncharted waters.  The reality is, many types of people can build a house.  But there are a vital few who can offer up excellent customer service during and after the construction process.

Those builders who have happy customers will be referred to new buyers.  And so moving forward, I predict the builders with the better customer service will survive past this construction boom.

If you’re looking for new construction around Nashville, it is here in abundance!  If you’re looking for a quality build from a reputable builder, I’d be happy to share my list with ya.  🙂  Send me a note – [email protected]


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